“…heartbreaking…acerbic…mirthful… the narrative shrapnel that is the legacy of Russia’s complex and violent history.”- The Rumpus

Green Lions

A book of collaborative poetry

A story of two souls in words and images. A medley of Duets, Diptychs and Amalgams where two voices merge and interlace. Each of the twenty-two poems in this book is illustrated by a drawing: the number of Major Arcana in the Tarot. This artistic collaboration between Zarina Zabrisky and Simon Rogghe literally dances off the page.


 A Novel

A story of a soccer mom who moonlights as a dominatrix.
In her writing Zabrisky draws on her life experiences: At nineteen, she was solicited by a KGB agent to become a prostitute-spy for the infamous Soviet institution and flirted with the idea. As an MFA student at Leningrad State University (the "Oxford of the East"), she chose to pursue a career in business. Years later, Zabrisky wrote WE, MONSTERS, the story of what could have happened, while juggling her motherhood responsibilities with a San Francisco dungeon dominatrix job.

“…agony, ecstasy, and enactment, ‘the experience itself, the plague itself'.” 

"...the brutal subject matter is leavened with emotion,humor, and an honest exploration of female sexuality. Much like Lolita...slyly funny and richly characterized."

-Guernica Daily

"...a stunning force of a debut novel." 

- Red Fez

"...exciting, fun, tragic, beautiful, and revealing...Engrossing and intelligent, We, Monsters is an extraordinary read."
--Up the Stairs Quarterly

"...this is not a book about either murder or analysis, not about the rote realities of dominatrix work, but about what Freud offers in the manner of Artaud, an enactment, fairy tales as hyperbolic truths, nightmares as myths of origin... agony, ecstasy, and enactment, “the experience itself, the plague itself.” Which we all need."

--Decomp Literary Magazine

"...an edgy, shocking debut. It’s a story that will stick with you long after you finish reading."

-Scott James, New York Times contributing columnist and author of the bestselling Kemble Scott novels “SoMa” and “The Sower”.

"An unabashedly pervy, comedically deconstructive romp through modern motherhood, psychoanalytic theory and the sex industry, WE,MONSTERS is also surprisingly charming and deeply moving."

-Gina Frangello, author of  novels My Sister's Continent and A Life in Men

"...the literary equivalent of a Jackson Pollack painting: a multi-layered, amazing, and seductive mess... "
-Marie Lecrivain, Chief Editor at Poeticdiversity

"On page after page, I am reminded why I love literature so much." --Charles Kruger, journalist at Litseen

​ "... rich and complex, intricately structured novel... We, Monsters provides an utterly intense experience: a totally immersive reader-narrator fusion.
--Polly Trope, author of the novel "Cured Meat" 


"A Cute Tombstone" exists somewhere between poetry and prose... satisfies me like a short story, creating a sense of urgency, while surprising me the way only a good poem can. Zabrisky is a bold writer with a unique voice, and we all should pay attention."—Jon Boilard

“…a talented writer with a flair for telling a moving tale with very little fanfare…”—Katrina Passick Lumsden, #11 best reviwer on Goodreads

"Fresh off of an Acker Award Zabrisky is making her mark in contemporary writing... This is a rising star you don't want to miss."—Devin McGuire
"Zabrisky proves a brilliant spokeswoman for the everyday hero fighting the good fight."—Joe Clifford
"Fifty two pages, no room to spare, crammed full of delicious detail. Zabrisky has proven herself a formidable descriptor, again!" —Nadine Sellers


 "Zabrisky's rapturous prose delivers four piercing tales of the lovely and lost. IRON is a mesmerizing, vicious dream—the kind you never forget."—Melissa Febos
  "Zabrisky's stories are like tracer bullets: this here is dark, dangerous, and delicious fiction, folks."—Tamim Ansari
"An elusive combination of elegance and ferocity... a staccato rhythm that seduces the reader into flipping pages long into the night."—Joshua Mohr
"Strange and terrifying, hilarious and sad... work filled with a fierce energy and a twisted imagination that is to be jointly enjoyed and envied."—William Taylor Jr.