Photos from Anti-Brexit March in London; clashes in Berkeley in March, April and August 2017.

Zarina Zabrisky has focused on the independent journalism since November 9, 2016.

There are times when silence is a crime, said Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus.

Zabrisky chose to use her writing skills as a weapon to fight fascism. In 1938, the first film about the threat of fascism, "Professor Mamlock" was directed by Zabrisky's great-great-uncle Adolf Minkin. Following her family tradition, she investigates the collusion between the Russian oligarchy and Trump's administration; debunks Russian propaganda and reports from the resistance events in San Franciso Bay Area and throughout the world. Follow Zabrisky's journalistic work at Medium where she was featured as a suggested writer in Politics and a top writer in History, Satire and Psychology. Zabrisky is a contributor to Indivisible Movement, Crossing Genres, Mosaic and other publications and a columnist for Byline (UK.)  

"They can't take away our right to thought."--"Professor Mamlock (1938 film).