2014, Green Lions Féerie, a blend of theater, music, dance, artwork and choreography.

at Chinatown's The Great Star Theater, the last original Chinese theater in San Francisco. Inspired by Diaghilev'sBallets Russes and Jodorowsky's ​Cabarets Mystiques, this show pushed experimental theater to the next level.


Gogol at Russian Consulate, SF, 2015.

BEAST GENERATION. Litquake 2013: Write On!

FORTUNA DESTINA. Anger Management 2013

Theater."Green Lions Feerie", 2014.

Street performance in Lisbon, 2014.

IT! Cleveland, 2013

PIGS LEGS Literary Death Match: Episode 49 @ Jewish Contemporary Museum (11.08.12)

Beast Crawl 2014 with Simon Rogghe

KERDYK MANIFESTO! Beast Crawl 2012